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Office workers believe they would be 20 percent more productive if given a better working environment. 

— Gensler 2006 U.S.      Workplace Survey



At Burgess Interiors, it’s passion. Passion to make it look right, passion to make it work right, passion to make it feel right and passion to make you feel like you made the right choice.


From office furniture and accessories, to finishes and fabrics, the pieces that you choose speak volumes about your business. Whether high-end, mid-market or budget conscious, our goal is to provide the very best value with unmatched personal service.

What fuels your organization?

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The Quickstand


                   "Winner of the best office product                                        of the decade."

The Quickstand was designed by the Humanscale Design Studio to encourage a more engaged and active workspace, QuickStand is the essential work tool to incorporate into an existing setting. Its ability to transform existing desks into sit/stand workstations was intended to make healthy movement an easy adaptation for any workplace and sit/stand solutions accessible to everyone.   

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